Everyday 2 lives in the construction industry are lost to suicide - it’s time to talk, it’s time to change!!

Overall wellbeing is the optimal combination of good physical and mental health and at Jenner we strive to ensure we fully support and guide our teams to achieve this positive state of being.

Health and Wellbeing

As part of our commitment to making a difference to mental health and wellbeing throughout our industry, Jenner have signed the ‘Building Mental Health Charter’ to ensure we are proactively addressing our responsibility to adopt a culture that breaks down the negative stigma associated with mental health, encourages open and honest dialogue as well identifying a clear route to get help for those who need it.

Given the alarming rates of suicide within the construction industry as well as the impact that poor mental health can have on performance and satisfaction in the workplace, it is vital as a reputable and committed contractor and employer that we actively address our responsibilities and duty of care to all our people and wider stakeholders and address all matters relating to wellbeing with the same seriousness that we do with physical health and safety.

Focused ‘Toolbox Talks’ as endorsed by various accredited third parties including the CITB and Considerate Constructors, will be rolled-out to our site teams and their supply-chain over coming weeks and months as we find new ways to do so in light of COVID-19 restrictions imposed upon our induction process at this time. Alongside this we have 11 trained Mental Health First Aiders within the Jenner team to ensure our people, whether site or office-based have access to the support they may need at any given time and many more are due to be trained this year, including all of the Directors of Jenner.

Our Health & Wellbeing Policy is available to view below.

Some useful links that offer professional advice, guidance and resources relating to wellbeing within the construction industry include:



Health and Wellbeing Policy 2020 Building Mental Health Charter