Located in the heart of Folkestone, on the junction of Dover Road and Tontine Street and only a ‘stone’s throw’ from Jenner HQ, the multi-storey Urban Sports Park, to be known as F51, is one of our most iconic builds to date.

Urban Sports Park (F51) Folkestone

Location: Folkestone

Client: Shepway Sports Trust

Value: £8m

On completion, this flagship building will boost the local community with enhanced sporting opportunity whilst attracting visitors from far and wide to enjoy the state-of-the-art world-class facilities that will allow skateboarding, boxing, climbing and bouldering. Each skating floor will be distinctive and offer a unique experience for visitors of all abilities. The centre will offer nearly 600sqm of climbable spaces and the ground floor will host a competition sized boxing ring.

The building, thought to be the world’s first ever multi-storey skateboarding facility has been designed by award winning Hollaway Architects and is under construction using various construction techniques including timber and concrete surfaces for the skate floors, combining the need for durability and flexibility to modify and upgrade as skating trends evolve.

F51 will be managed by Shepway Sports Trust (SST), the Folkestone-based independent charity established to encourage participation and excellence in sport.