“This is an important step in our mission to bring new purpose to one of Folkestone’s most prominent sites. Our careful renovation of the harbour and railway heritage has already succeeded in attracting visitors to Folkestone in greater numbers than at any time in many decades, and now we can turn our attention to reinforcing the town’s reputation as a great place to live.” Sir Roger De Haan

Folkestone Seafront Residential Development – Phase 1

Location: Folkestone

Client: Folkestone Harbour and Seafront Development Company

Value: £44m

Phase 1, which will deliver 84 luxury apartments as part of the overall 1000 unit masterplan for the seafront development, commences at the western end of the site, which received detailed planning permission at the end of 2018 and has been designed by award winning architects ACME.

The new homes will be situated at the foot of the Leas Lift and Coastal Park and will feature spectacular views out to sea and along the coast. As well as private gardens, the development will include shingle gardens that lead to the Boardwalk and to the beach beyond, and a new piazza will be created at the base of the Leas Lift.

The new houses will create a vibrant new community, reconnecting the seafront to the town and will be instrumental in continuing Folkestone’s growth and regeneration.

Work has now commenced on site and progresses well.